Nikao Working K9's, LLC charges $60 an hour for the training of working dogs. These sessions cover obedience and/or behavioral issues. The first training session includes a free 30-minute consultation. This 30-minute consultation can be held in-person or over the phone. Consultations allow the trainer to learn more about your dog and recommend the best path to reach your goals.



Nikao Working K9's, LLC requires a $30 online non-refundable deposit to schedule a training session. This deposit goes towards the full price.


Please call or email for pricing on bite work, protection work and scent training.






Nikao Working K9's, LLC also offers online Zoom training. We charge $30 an hour for training sessions via Zoom. If you have purchased a Nikao Working K9's puppy you have a free, optional, zoom session to help jumpstart your training.

Zoom Training Sessions

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