Belgian Malinois
Hayden is a Belgian Malinois


Hayden comes from a Hungarian sire with a long line of IPO titles. She is a fawn with a black mask, very friendly, social and an outstanding mother.  She is extremely athletic and loves to run and jump. 

Belgian Malinois love to play with balls.
Nikao's Lexie
Dam - Tora Do Guarda E Protecao



Lexi comes from a impressive line of sport and working canines.  She is a large, fawn with a black mask, fearless, energetic, and eager to please.  

Lexie playing with her ball.


Kaiya has an excellent French pedigree.   Her father, Larry De La Valle De Luvry, is a French import canine. She is a beautiful sable with a black mask, tough, fearless and willing to conquer any challenge.