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Interested in a puppy? Please fill out the puppy questionnaire below! 

Puppy Questionnaire Form
Litter Interested In
Do you recognize that Malinois are highly driven, vocal, and potentially destructive.
Are you willing to put time and training into this puppy?
Where will your puppy live?
Do you recognize that puppy socialization is essential?
Do you have children?
Age of children

We allow potential buyers to pick their puppy.  However, we offer guidance in choosing your puppy.  If we feel the puppy you've chosen is not a proper fit,(based on your experience and purpose for this puppy) we reserve the right to decline your pick.  We will recomend a better fit if available.  If a proper fit is unavailable, we will move you to the next available litter.  If we feel this breed is not a fit, we will recomend a different breed.  

Belgian Malinois puppies for sale Texas

Thanks for submitting!

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