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"My name is Constable Eddie Lee with Cherokee County Constable's Office Pct. #3.  Sydney with Nikao Working K9’s has been training my dog Coda in tracking.   She has done an outstanding job taking him from the puppy stage to all most a trained tracking dog.  She has a great amount of patience when working with Coda, which is needed.  He is so hard headed for a German Shepherd.  She just got through with 30 days of training him and he has learned so much in that amount of time, but it is due to Sydney's hard work.  Her father is so knowledgeable in how to train dogs, and I guess this is why Sydney is so good at her job.  I feel like anyone would be happy with the training they get from Nikao Working K9's.  We hope to train Coda in cadaver searches after he is through with his tracking program.  If I can answer any of your question about the training, please contact me." - Eddie

Dog Trainers in Texas

"We have really enjoyed our training sessions with Sydney. She is so patient with our puppy Sophie."- Veronica

Nikao K9's are wonderful and very informative with training my boy Gunny. You can't ask for a better trainer or a more caring and compassionate individual to trust with training a lifelong partner.- Sandra

Congratulations Natalie and Kaiya on getting the AKC Trick Dog Novice title! Y'all are a great team!

AKC trick dog novice

"We have had the best experience with training our Belgian Malinois, River. I am extremely pleased we chose Sydney to train and care for him. We never had to worry how he was doing which took much stress off of us. He learned so much and has excellent retention of the commands." - Holly

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