Emotional Support Dogs- Adoption

All K9's on this page are available for adoption to approved homes. Due to certain factors these K9's didn't pass our qualifications for bite work and protection training. However, we believe these dogs have so much to offer in terms of companionship and emotional support. If you or someone you know may benefit from these K9's email us at sydney@nikaoworkingk9s.com


Honor is a working Belgian Malinois for sale

Honor is an extremely smart and athletic female. She loves playing in the water and chasing Frisbees! 

Honor knows sit, down, heel, short distance stay, leash work, and the "spin" trick. She is also crate trained and will get in the car on command. Honor has the potential for sports such as Dock Diving or AKC Fast CAT.  Contact us if interested in this female!



Charlie is a very social and stable male. Charlie bonds easily to his handler. He is extremely energetic and willing to accomplish any task ask of him. 

Charlie knows sit, down, heel, leash-work, and the "between" command. He is also crate trained. Charlie has the potential for scent work training. 

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